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Sales & Marketing

AFI acts as the manufacturers' "export department" on a commission basis in various international markets. This allows the manufacturer global access to markets while paying only for orders received, thus reducing the costly overhead of direct international marketing efforts.

As the international agent of the manufacturer, all sales and agreements are negotiated in the name of the manufacturer. This allows for increased name recognition and market acceptance of the manufacturer, while allowing the international wholesale buyer direct access to the manufacturer without export intermediaries. However, no decisions, including pricing and credit, are reached without the input and authority of the principal being represented.

AFI markets the manufacturers' products exclusively through wholesalers of electrical materials. By utilizing only legitimate distribution channels, trust is built between the wholesaler and the manufacturer. No international distributor will support a manufacturer selling its customers on an opportunistic basis.

AFI uses a multi-representation approach in its sales efforts. By representing complimentary, non-competitive manufacturers, AFI can frequently strengthen the individual principal's position by offering a complete package of products.

Product training, specification work and seminars with consultants and end-users are a key focus of the company. These efforts are on a continuous basis as the education of the marketplace is critical for the long term growth of our principals in the market. Extensive trade show participation is also employed as a method for creating product demand, finding sales leads and appointing new distributors. Historically, American Falcon has exhibited in at least two trade shows yearly.

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